Dentist Uses Modern Technology for Old-School Needs

dentist bulleenDental health among populations has improved significantly and when most people think of dentistry, specialty and cosmetic procedures typically come to mind.  The

The Dentist Bulleen utilises advanced technology to provide general dentistry.
Creating a healthy, aesthetically pleasing smile encompasses much more than dental implants, invisible braces, gum sculpting and whitening procedures. While the practice provides those services, it also works to preserve teeth through the use of fillings, root canals, crowns and veneers. In an age of perfect teeth, dentures are still an option provided for patients.

The local eltham dental clinic dentists are committed to utilizing modern technology that reduces risk to patients, eliminates the need for referrals and makes visits pain-free. Digital films reduce radiation to patients by up to 90 percent and the films are viewable via closed-circuit TV.

The use of OPG equipment allows the dentist to view the patient’s entire mouth, including wisdom teeth, without the need for time-consuming referrals. The clinic utilizes a laser machine to quickly and efficiently remove cold sores, clean small areas of decay and provide gum sculpting.

The most important tool in a patient’s arsenal to fight gum disease and tooth decay is preventative measures. Regular cleanings keep teeth and gums healthy, and the dentist can identify a variety of health issues in their early stages by examining the state of a patient’s mouth.

The practice is dedicated to helping patients keep their original teeth, but that’s not always possible, sometimes they offer teeth whitening in bulleen The general dentistry practice provides dentures and dental implants for missing teeth. Implants provide stability for surrounding teeth and help maintain facial integrity. Veneers and crowns protect teeth following fillings and root canals.

Invisalign® braces provide an easy and painless way to straighten teeth that are misaligned, and to correct conditions that include overbites and underbites. They’re comfortable, involve no wires or metal frames, and are virtually invisible to others.

The Melbourne Dentist offers a variety of general dentistry and cosmetic procedures to assist patients in obtaining the smile they’ve always desired. Many years of experience, combined with advanced technology, ensures the dental health needs of all patients are met with superior methods.

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